Distance Learning

About Philosophy

Education is the acquirement of the art of consumption of knowledge. Knowledge in the management field, like other disciplines, is escalating quickly as a flash.

Education is vital for human resources development and empowerment in any nation, and the excellence of education is evaluated by the kind of humans it fabricates. Education is the way whereby adults impart their values and beliefs to their offspring.

The escalating internationalization of higher education and distance learning, particularly certified institutions and courses, rising global co-operation and the surfacing of new, multinational education providers are posing a confront to national higher education systems. The up and coming society is demanding for managers who are lithe and resourceful. They require learning constantly and upgrading their skills with the technological advancement. Pioneering forms of multinational education based on internet have been unlocked to scholars around the globe. This has made distance education more vivacious and a worthwhile experience.

About Company

Dzire Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. has been contributing to this educational revolution in its own way. Entirely energetic to the emerging challenge, the company has been in the frontage to escort scholars to turn out to be managers of tomorrow with distinctive vision mingled with skills and technology. The company strives to craft leaders of technology; management, hospitality and entrepreneurship by serving its apprentice to gain the crucial skills.

In harmony with the budding global tendency of extending conventional education to online, self learning and distance education methodology, Dzire Infosoft proposes the conception of the Centre for Distance Education.


  • We offers globally accepted programs
  • We have tie ups with India’ top universities.
  • We offer guaranteed placement.
  • We offer practical skills as required in the industry.
  • We offer excellent study material.